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Latitudes & Attitudes is the #1 selling boating lifestyle magazine on the newsstands in the United States. The print issue sells for $7.99. Our gift to you during this pandemic while people are stuck in their homes is this on-line version, that normally sells for $3.99, free of charge and with no obligation to do anything. When you click the link we promise you that your email and other information is completely safe. We are trying to help Lats&Atts, as it is known by it’s readers, to reach a larger audience during these hard times. That’s it. No gimmicks, no games. Just the best boating lifestyle magazine available today.

This is a safe link. No email addresses or other information can or will be collected when you click to read the free issue.

Click on the image or here for the full Issue of the Summer 2020 edition of Latitudes & Attitudes.

If you like what you see we have arranged for you to get the on-line issue absolutely free. If you’d like (there is no obligation to do-so) you can sign up to get each issue as it comes “off the press” by signing up HERE!

If you prefer the full print version, it is available as a subscription for just $25. You can sign up HERE!

It is also available at supermarkets and other outlets in the US and Canada.

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