As a celestial navigation fan, I think readers will be interested in my new book.  Although the sextant is only briefly mentioned it spans the golden age of celestial navigation:

As The Prop Turns: The Soul of an Old Airplane

Delivered in late 1940, this Waco UPF-7 has lived a long and adventurous life. Sent first to a flying school in the Pacific Northwest, the open-cockpit biplane introduced World War II pilots to aerobatics in the Civilian Pilot Training Program, taught by a noted aviatrix.

Enjoy true escapades as you soar with a freight dog, a tax evader, a missionary dentist, a prominent woman sculptor, and a drug smuggler.  The adventures didn’t stop there. Declared surplus near the end of the war she became a crop duster.  Wrecked and rebuilt, the Waco later turned to life as a sightseeing workhorse.

The career of Waco NC29923 continues, and those who love her share their memories in As the Prop Turns. Fly in formation with her pilots and owners. Learn how she survived several devastating crashes to be beautifully restored each time. Enjoy this in-depth history that covers nearly eighty years and includes 134 photographs, drawings, and maps.

More about the author

John Wood graduated from Louisiana Tech University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He studied engineering, retired as a public company CEO, and now serves as a corporate board member. Wood was company spokesman with high-profile exposure in print, television, and radio during investigations of the Pan Am 103 and TWA 800 crashes. On two occasions, he testified before the US Congress about improved airport security.

Rated as an airline transport pilot and certified flight instructor, Wood has logged seven thousand flight hours and has experience piloting over one hundred aircraft makes and models, including jets, turboprops, seaplanes, helicopters, gliders and balloons. Wood is a veteran public speaker and lives with his wife in Concord, Massachusetts.

John is an active member of the Celestial Navigation Information Network. His profile can be found here: John Wood

Available on Amazon

    • Paperback: 228 pages
    • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 1, 2019)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1536981168
    • ISBN-13: 978-1536981162
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