• Audience: All guest posts should be tailored towards celestial navigation, wayfinding, astronomy/star finding, equipment, techniques etc.

  • Categories: Guest posts should fall into one of the following categories: Celestial Navigation, Community, Marine Sextants, Astronomy/Star Finding (new categories as needed).

  • Length & Content: Articles should fall between 1,000 – 2,000 words, should contain actionable advice or detailed information, and should be written to a professional standard.

  • Author:  Any experience level is welcome.

  • Purpose: The main focus of the article should be to inform or inspire our membership. Any articles stuffed with self-promotion will not be considered, though the occasional link to a helpful article or resource is a-okay.

  • Formatting: Articles featuring lists, headers, bullet points, and other engaging formatting are preferred.

  • Availability: Articles should be unique to the Celestial Navigation Information Network. They should not be published elsewhere online, though you’re welcome to tease the article on your own site or in your newsletter with a link to the full copy on the Celestial Navigation Information Network blog.

  • Your Profile:  Please make sure that your profile is complete and it includes a brief bio and links to your website, social media, and/or available books, services, or resources.

Before submitting, please note:

  • You represent and warrant that this is your original work and not plagiarized and contains no objectionable or libelous material. You indemnify and hold the Celestial Navigation Information Network personally harmless against any suits, claims, causes of action, expenses or costs of any kind including legal fees arising out of the content of the original work.

  • We maintain the right to lightly edit your article (mostly for spelling, grammar, and formatting) and to choose a post title that we feel best fits our blog and audience.

  • We maintain the right to reject submissions or to request that you revise & resubmit to better tailor the article to our audience. (You maintain the right to refuse, of course!).

  • We aim to publish one guest post on the blog every week. Depending on the rate of submissions, your article may not be published immediately if accepted. We will share a proposed publishing date with you before we confirm your submission.

How to submit an article to the Celestial Navigation Information Network:

  • Please write your article in full before submitting. We do not consider pitches at this time, as the quality of many articles received in the past has not matched the quality of the pitch. If your article follows the guidelines shared above, chances are high that we will accept the submission.

  • To submit, simply complete our Article Submission Form. We’ll review and respond within 3 business days.

  • If we don’t feel your article is right for the Celestial Navigation Information Network at this time, you’re 100% welcome to submit the article elsewhere or publish it on your own site.

  • If published, We’ll promote your article in the Celestial Navigation Information Network newsletter. Your article will feature on the Celestial Navigation Information Network blog homepage for up to four weeks and will be housed permanently in the blog archives and re-shared on social media over time.

Why submit to the Celestial Navigation Information Network?

The Celestial Navigation Information Network averages 85k page views per month, while the newsletter reaches over 3,000 members each week. Guest posting is a fantastic opportunity to expand your audience, cross-promote your work, and improve your site’s SEO.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Thank you again for your interest in writing for the Celestial Navigation Information Network.

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